Programs & Classes for Teens and Adults

Social Programs & Islamic Classes aimed for adults and young adults. These programs are vital for the development of the knowledge of the broader community.

Qafilah Sisters Social

Monthly meetings – Third Sunday of every Month

Qafilah “Traveling Caravan” is a group aimed towards bringing sisters (ages 18+) together from across different communities in New Jersey. We meet the third Sunday if every month. Join our Facebook and WhatsApp group for more information! 

Best of Stories – Reflections on Surat Yusuf

Every Sunday, starting September 25th from 12pm – 1pm

Join us this session for a journey through Surat Yusuf, a story of patience, reliance on Allah, and how to overcome hardship and betrayal.

Fees: Free

Mahbarah – Fiqh of Worship & Hadith

Every Sunday, starting January 16th from 1:30pm – 3pm

When Imam Ahmed ibn Hanbal was seen carrying his Mahbarah (ink pot), to write notes, he was asked: “For how long will you continue to seek knowledge and you have become the Imam of the Muslims and their scholar”? Imam Ahmed replied: “With the mahbarah to the grave”, indicating that seeking knowledge is a lifelong process.

The Mahbarah Initiative program with Dr. Ahmed was created for the aspiring studious seekers knowledge who are looking to learn and study a range of Islamic sciences, such as Fiqh, Hadith, Aqeedah, Tazkiyah…etc. Classes are every Sunday and free of charge. Registration is required.

Fees: Free