High School Programs

Our High School programs are aimed at developing young Muslims in their Islamic identity. We live in a world that is constantly attacking our kid’s belief in Allah SWT. Our programs aim at securing the Imaan of our children and allowing them to grow up as knowledgeable Muslims who are firm in their Deen.

Open to ages 15 to 18.


Every Saturday starting from Jan. 14th to June 10th from 2pm – 3pm

Fundamentals of Belief – This course will address some of the contemporary misconceptions regarding Islam & its’ rulings by diving into the fundamental objectives of Shari’a. Some of the topics addressed include, but not limited to: Atheism, Perennialism, Jihad, Liberalism, Gender Identity & Relations, and the Penal code.
This course is presented in an interactive discussion style to help identify misconceptions, help students articulate ideas, teach students to speak in a group, and allow critical thinking of the topic being addressed.

In our current time, Muslim high schoolers need a program that will help deepen and strengthen their Islamic foundational roots. Our Roots program was specifically designed to provide high schoolers with the Islamic fundamentals they need to successfully navigate through life while maintaining a proud Muslim identity. The different subjects were selected to give the students a foundation that will nurture their theoretical and spiritual Islamic needs, as well as address many of the contemporary misconceptions they will encounter as young Muslims in the west.

Fee: $150 (Members) $170 (non-Members)

Muslim Youth Sisters

Every Friday evening

Muslim Youth Sisters (MYS) is a place for high school students to create “MYS is a place for high school and college girls to create long-lasting friendships while strengthening their faith together. We have exciting discussions and activities planned every week. You do not want to miss out, so spread the word and join your sisters every Friday!

Fee: Free

Fursan Boys HS Social Program

Every Saturday 6-9pm. Starting Jan. 17th – June 17th (with a break for Ramadan)

A High School Boys Social designed to help provide a safe, positive Islamic atmosphere that will aid in nurturing the participant’s spirituality, identity, and confidence, while teaching basic Islamic principles and building bonds with their peers.

Session includes Halaqah, Activities, and Food!

Fee: $100