Re-occuring Classes & Programs

All Classes & Programs that are taught or supervised by Dr. Ahmed Mohamed. They are categorized based on age group.

Elementary & Middle School Programs

ISCJ LIT’s Elementary & Middle School programs are comprised of Educational and Social programs with the objective of teaching our youth Islamic manners, ethics, and at the same time ensuring the company of like minded Muslims of the same age group.

These programs are open to kids between the age of 5 and 14 years old.

High School Programs

Our High School programs are aimed at developing young Muslims in their Islamic identity. We live in a world that is constantly attacking our kid’s belief in Allah SWT. Our programs aim at securing the Imaan of our children and allowing them to grow up as knowledgeable Muslims who are firm in their Deen.

Open to ages 15 to 18.

Adult Classes & Programs

Social Programs & Islamic Classes aimed for adults and young adults.

Mahbarah Initiative

The new Mahbarah initiative is an initiative under Dr. Ahmed which is aimed at teaching more advanced and studious seekers of knowledge Fiqh, Aqeedah, Hadith, Tazkiyah, and the various Islamic sciences.