In an era enveloped with darkness, ISCJ LiT is looking to fill it with light.

Seeking knowledge is an obligation upon every Muslim.

– Prophet Muhammad ﷺ as reported in Ibn Mājah

ISCJ LiT (which stands for ‘Learning Islam Together’) is committee which aims to serve the youth and young adults (age 13-30) with the right tools, skills, and knowledge to bring about positive change in the community.

Led by Dr. Ahmed Mohamed, our committee hopes to inspire them to understand, apply, and advocate divinely ordained values in the service of the common good. Our core values are service, equality, and justice. Programs which encompass 7 key categories: Educational, Counseling, Mentorship, Social, Athletic and Spiritual are designed and run by the youth, with the guidance of mentors who share their experiences and provide valuable feedback. Make dua for our success!